26000 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070

The Ice Storm

Celebrating 30 Years!

As Cleveland’s longest established Synchronized Skating Club, the Cleveland Ice Storm have a long history of competition success. Our Adult/Master’s team has qualified for the U.S National Championship every year from 1991-2011.  In 2012, the team moved to the Open Adult category and had an undefeated season, including becoming the Midwest Sectional Champions!  In 2005, the Open Juvenile team was the first Ohio team to ever qualify for the U.S National State Games Championship, where they placed 2nd.  During the 2013-2014 season, The Cleveland Ice Storm Preliminary team placed 2nd and the Pre-Juvenile team placed 4th at the Midwestern Synchronized Sectionals.

Our History

SYNCHRONIZED TEAM SKATING began at the University of Michigan in 1958 as an addition to their hockey program. Since then team skating has become the fastest growing aspect of figure skating throughout the world. Skaters as young as 5 and as old as 75 skate as a group to music. Synchronized skating has been likened to the “Rockettes” On Ice. In 2010 Synchronized Skating will be for the first time, an Olympic event.

The CLEVELAND ICE STORM SKATING CLUB began in 1985 as two separate groups. The youth program was founded by Marcia Sherman, as the Riverettes, at the Rocky River Ice Rink. At the same time an adult team, the Synchroblades, was founded by Ann Ward at the North Olmsted Recreation Center. In 1992, under the coaching direction of Jeff Marshall, the Synchroblades moved to the Greenbrier F.S.C. and adopted the new name, Cleveland Edges. During the mid 1990’s the adult and youth programs merged to form the current Cleveland Edges teams. During this time the program represented 3 different figure skating clubs, skating out of 4 different ice arenas. In 2003 the entire program moved to the North Olmsted Recreation Complex to provide a single home for all teams.  Since then, our club has grown from 3 teams with 30 total members, to over 120 members with as many as 8 competitive teams in a season.

Our Mission

 Cleveland Ice Storm Mission Statement:  

We take pride in developing first class skaters in an environment of excellence.

Cleveland Ice Storm Values Statement:

 We value fun, fitness, friendship, family, discipline, individual and team success.

Cleveland Ice Storm Coaches Statement:

We are committed to developing that special on ice moment and helping skaters reach their full potential.